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Park Grill is Chicago's award-winning destination restaurant, at the gateway to Millennium Park and along Chicago's world-class Michigan Avenue.

Our cuisine and seasonal year-round entertainment make it an experience unlike any other in Chicago, or the country. Executive Chef, Alfredo Sandoval, brings his interpretation to contemporary American cuisine, infusing it with unique Chicago flavor.

Park Grill, The Plaza, and Park Cafe, offer a year round dining experience in the heart of Millennium Park. Throughout the year, there are numerous activities and events to attend at Park Grill Millennium Park. In the winter, skate on the ice rink located right outside and warm up in Park Grill for a seated dinner. If you are looking for something fast, Park Cafe is the perfect option. Open seasonally, Park Cafe offers food and drinks (with booze and without) that you can grab quickly while enjoying a day in the park. Park Grill is open year round for dining in and carry out. At Park Grill you can host group lunches and dinners both private and not. In the warmer months, we are fortunate to have The Plaza. The Plaza offers a great patio with a full dining experience, as well as private and public events. The Plaza opens as soon as the weather turns which can be as early as May 1st. 

Join us at Park Grill Millennium Park for all your dining & entertainment needs. We look forward to meeting you!

Please do not hesitate to call Park Grill Millennium Park at 312-521-7275 or contact us via  @parkgrillmp on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat.