Igloo Rentals

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Reserve an igloo for a unique experience

Skating at the McCormick Ice Rink in Millennium Park and looking for some rink-side beverages and tasty fare?  Stay warm and cozy in one of the Park Grills new outdoor Igloos.  Recline in warmth and luxury in one of our transparent, full service outdoor Igloos with a full view of the Millennium Park Ice Rink.  The Park Grills full menu of drinks and food are available with a dedicated server to ensure you’re only exposed to the elements when you’re ready to lace up and skate!  Call now to reserve one for parties up to 6.  Winter is upon us but you can watch it from the private, heated confines of your own full service igloo!

 Igloo rental pricing:

  • $25 rental fee per person for 2 hours

  • $35 food and beverage minimum for the 2 hours

  • In effect, $60 per person for 2 hours with $35 going towards the food and beverage minimum.

  • Enjoy the Park Grills renowned full menu of food and drinks with direct igloo service so you never have to step out into the cold.  Parties of 2 to 6 available to book immediately.  Call now to reserve and prepare for a one of a kind winter experience with your friends and family!

Call now to make your reservation!

(312) 521-7275

*Kids 6 and under will not be charged.
Kids between the age of 7 - 12 will be half price of our standard pricing